Soap Infused Shower Pouf

Soap Infused Shower Pouf

Looking for an easy way to suds up? 

Our Soap Infused Shower Poufs are just the ticket to get you clean and smelling delish. 

Infused with a glycerin based soap you simply wet suds up and hang to dry afterwards. These are great for traveling and make great gifts. 

Scents Available: Malibu-Deep Sea & Cassis (fresh and clean) light blue pouf
Lucy with Diamonds-Prosecco & Peach (Bubbly and Fruity) purple pouf
Welcome to the Jungle-Bamboo Stalks & Aloe (Green & Clean) green pouf
Heartbreaker-Sweet Strawberry (fruity) pink pouf *not shown* 
Chocolate Dreams (rich chocolate) white pouf
Raspberry Jammin (raspberry) purple pouf
Lemon Meringue (lemon) white pouf

Approx. 4 oz. per pouf